Minggu, April 7, 2024

Promo Ultramen Bulan Terbaru April 2024

Promo Ultramen Bulan Mei Terbaru 2023 – Promo dibawah ini berlangsung selama bulan Mei 2023.

Promo Ultramen Bulan Mei Terbaru 2023



Ultra-forces, where are you guys at? Now is your chance to experience the ULTIMATE on ALL OF OUR OUTLETS! Here is our special promo for the WHOLE MAY MONTH just for you!

1. Buy 1 Get1: Every MONDAY, buy any milk tea boba/matcha milk boba, get free milk tea boba/matcha milk boba!
2. Ultra 3 Bowls: Get 3 Bowls of Samyang Porn Chicken, Super Porn Chicken, and Chicken Chasu Don for Rp. 115.000++ (ONLY available in Grabfood/Gofood)
3. Add on deals: On weekdays (Monday-Friday), for DINE IN ONLY
– Ultra Fried: 1 shumai, 1 egg roll, 1 shrimp roll, plus ocha FOR Rp. 15.000!!
– Ultra Full: 1 mini chicken chasu don plus ocha FOR Rp. 15.000!!

Don’t miss this chance, Ultra-Forces! It’s our BIGGEST PROMO YET for the WHOLE MAY! Who do you want to bring with you?

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